Flying Scot Fleet #161

Over forty years of sailing and marine construction experience prepared Sandy Douglass to produce his most successful design, the Flying Scot®, a Sailing Hall of Fame design.  Each Flying Scot is hand-crafted with the highest quality materials and methods.  Its perfect for family trips, single-handed fun, and an excellent racer.  The late Gordon Douglass is an internationally known racing champion, so he designed the Scot for speed.  The Scot is a low-displacement design (she sits shallow in water) and she has a flat, tapered shape in the stern which allows her to plane.  This means she will come out of the water and is not limited to her waterline hull-speed.  With over 200 square feet of sail area, she has the power to move well in any wind speed.  Get her on a beam-reach with 12 knots of wind, and experience the thrill of a planing hull. The Scot is not a flopsy acrobatic design; the photo above illustrates the Scot's stability.  Her slightly tunneled hull design, hard bilges and weighted centerboard provide a strong righting moment. And with over 600 lbs of reserve buoyancy, the Flying Scot is unsinkable.

• Easy to rig, launch and sail
• Racing fleets are nationwide
• Reasonably priced, highest quality
• Safe, unsinkable, stable
• Planing hull design
• Sail plan includes main, jib and spinnaker.


2021 Fleet Events

New York Lakes Districts
August 13 – 15, 2021

For more information and registration:

https://www.regattanetwork. com/event/22619