Frostbite Fleet

Fleet Captain - Dan Hesse

Contact us to get in on the fun.


The Saratoga Lake Frostbite Fleet looks to promote local one design racing on the Lake during the late fall until the lake freezes over.  We race Kestrels and all are welcome to join.  We look to get everyone involved and even have "crew" races where the crew takes over the helm for a race to show the skippers how it is really done.  We avoid windy days to ensure safety and always have a fire and refreshments afterwards to get warmed up again. We keep it simple with no spinnakers allowed and short courses to keep everyone close to the action. Plus, you never have to worry about too many powerboats out on the lake.  Come join us!


We are looking for people to grow the fleet.  If you are looking for a boat, head on over to the On the Block page or reach out to the Fleet Captain.


Here is a teaser of the esteemed tradition you will uphold by sailing with us.